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10 Feb.

My Mother was right after all


It seems the older I get the smarter my mother becomes. When I was a young man I just wasn’t that fond of vegetables and I wasted a lot of time at the dinner table trying to put off eating them when I could have just as easily been through with dinner and out playing. I can still hear my mom saying, “Just eat your vegetables first and then you can enjoy your dinner and go play.”  What great advice. I have tried to adopt this in many areas of my life. Do I do the things first that I least want to do and then go out and have fun?

Most successful people become successful, not because they are smarter (although some are) or have a great idea (which some do), but because they are willing to do things, make things happen, and implement. I have heard it stated “successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.” A lot of people are unsuccessful because they are putting off success because they won’t eat their vegetables.

If you are looking to make a New Year’s resolution, I would suggest that you resolve to be more proactive and get things done. One way to make sure that everything gets done, even the stuff you don’t want to do, is to “eat your vegetables first” and then get on to what you enjoy.