Why Partner With USPG

Expertise. The more you know and can offer, the more you accomplish. And the more you accomplish, the more your business grows. Its that simple.

At U.S. Planning Group, we believe clients interests are best served by well-trained, well-versed Independent Financial Advisors who can expertly navigate the complexities of todays financial and insurance offerings without being constrained to any particular product or perspective. And the better Financial Advisors service their clients, the more their business will flourish.

But theres so much more to being a successful Advisor. There are new products to vet, administrative issues to oversee, compliance, marketing, events, hiring, you name it. It all can be very difficult and can divert attention away from your most revered asset your clients.

Thats why we created U.S. Planning Group. We believe in the power of independence and the value it brings to their clients. We also believe in expert, hands-on support to help manage everything and USPG does not mark-up for E&O, technology or services. We only make money when you do.

This simple business model has allowed us to create opportunities for all of our affiliated Independent Advisors. Even during these very difficult times we have been able to help our advisors grow their businesses. Whether its driving assets under management or expanding your professional expertise, U.S. Planning Group can help you become the very best you can be.

Power of Independence